Risperdal Causes Breast Growth in Boys

Countless thousands of boys have been prescribed Risperdal to treat behavioral problems, psychological issues, and developmental disorders. What most of these children (and their parents) didn’t know was that Risperdal can cause the development of female breasts in boys.

More than 18,000 legal claims have been filed against the maker of Risperdal, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson. A handful of the boys, now young men agreed to be interviewed and photographed so that others would know what they’ve gone through.

The photographs contained in this project may be difficult to view.

Risperdal and Weight Gain

Besides causing boys to develop female breasts, the drug Risperdal can also cause massive weight gain -- up to 100 pounds in a year. When boys stop taking Risperdal, they can lose the weight, but the breasts remain, which often become deformed. The only way to remove the breasts is through a painful and costly surgery.